Individual Therapy for Adults

       Julia Larsen, MA, LMHCA

                Anxiety, Grief, Life Transitions, Depression, Special Needs Parenting

Welcome to my website. You may be looking for help at a time when it feels the hardest to do so. Congratulations on taking this first, brave step.

No doubt life has brought you a full spectrum of experiences, some beautiful and enriching, some quite painful, particularly challenging or confusing. If you're struggling, feeling overwhelmed or alone in your experience, or just stuck, therapy can help you find your way through. I'm here to help.


Sharing your experience in a safe relationship with an attentive therapist, can allow you to feel deeply known and invite insights and clarity which create more ease. It can help you move toward hope, growth, greater energy, and intimacy. Times that may feel upending or hopeless can be experienced from new perspectives. Meaning and value can be discovered where before it may have seemed there was none. 

  2021 Minor Ave E, # 3,  Seattle, WA 98102

          in the Eastlake neighborhood



    I have lived in Seattle for 32 years and am a graduate of the Master’s in Counseling program at Saybrook University. This program, my years of life experience, and my own experience in therapy at important times, lead me to the practice of helping others through counseling. 




      I work with adults, working through anxiety, grief and loss, depression or important life transitions. I also work with parents navigating the world of parenting a special needs child. My approach is warm, authentic and relational, drawing on several schools of therapeutic thought in a way that is responsive to you, the client in front of me. I enjoy working with anyone who earnestly wishes to learn more about themselves and how our inner and outer worlds interact to create our daily experience. In a safe, and trusting therapy relationship there's a chance for our experience of the world, our self concept, and our relationships to shift and grow. This is what drives my love of this work. 

    Choosing a therapist can feel daunting and the right fit is important. If after speaking on the phone we decide to meet, our first meeting will help us know if we're likely to be a good fit. If we decide to continue and explore this further, we will discuss length of therapy, your goals, and other important agreements between us that promote a healthy therapeutic relationship and protect your privacy. If we choose not to work together, you won't be charged for this first session. I don't currently bill insurance, but maintain a reasonable fee.

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